How Can I Pray To Remove Bad Karma?

A question that is asked quite often, is can I pray to remove bad karma? Well the short answer is yes, it is possible and God is love. When we say “karma”, it simply means “actions” and it’s the Law of Attraction at work.

What we mean by Law of Attraction is simply this, all things within our reality are like magnets that attract like things to them. When we do good deeds, good things will happen to us in life. When we do things that are negative, then negative things will happen to us in life. It’s just a game of energies. It’s all part of the big plan of everything.

The question of can I pray to remove bad karma? The answer is yes. There are ways that you can pray to help you change your life, get rid of bad karma, and in the process be purified and made whole.

The first way to prayer for bad karma is to change your attitude. Do you remember what your parents told you? “opes, don’t do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Well you need to remember that when we pray for others – it’s not to be so forgiving. If someone has done something to you that you find to be undeserving – such as – stealing, lying, harming, abusing etc, then you should blame no one but yourself.

Prayers and thoughts that go around in your mind, are like ripples on an ocean. You put thoughts into words, and you get back results. When we go to prayer, we basically put our requests on the table, and God gives us answers to those prayers. He knows all of it.

Our prayers are asking for the Father in heaven, the Creator of the heavens and the earth. Who is so busy with us that he doesn’t look down on every single one of us, but instead gives us His precious love? This is why He is so blessed and special. We should ask and deserve to have the love of this creator. Can you see how powerful that is?

The second way to pray to remove bad karma is to change your thoughts. When you start negative and depressing thoughts – you will notice a huge difference in your mood. The more you pray and request from God – the more you will receive. Positive thoughts only bring more positive things into your life.

Can you visualize this? Visualize the Creator holding all of your requests and thoughts – and you’ll feel like He is right there. So whenever you pray – ask and believe that you are getting what you pray for – it’s as simple as that. Prayers and requests are the most powerful prayer that you can say. Ask and you shall receive!

We are often led into situations and places where we are not at our best. And then we wonder why God hasn’t answered our prayers and requests. If you really want something from Him, then wait. Instead of fretting and begging Him to help you, be patient – God is going to do His best!

Our bad karma is the result of previous decisions and choices that we have made. We can choose to get free of our bad karma through the power of God – by reading and listening to the Word of God. The Bible is God’s word and instruction for us. Every situation and place has a lesson to teach us and it’s our job to learn and understand these lessons.

How many times have we been through a hard circumstance and been taught or learned a lesson. In these times – we should find comfort and solace in God. We should give thanks daily for all He has done for us. Praying for rain is not necessary, but showing gratitude is. By reading and listening to God’s word, we will find comfort and solace.

So, how can I pray to remove bad karma? Ask Him for forgiveness for your past wrongdoings and take comfort and solace in God. If it was necessary, go ahead and cut off your bad karma right now. There’s no need to worry about it. God is love and He wants you to have good karma!

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