How Karma Affects Our Lives?

How does Karma affect our lives? If you are wondering about this, it would be helpful to take a quick look at the different answers that people give. Most people are of the belief that Karma is something that happens “lastly” and that we can’t change it. Others believe that it is something that happens permanently, and that it can’t be changed.

So how does Karma affect our lives? If we are to believe that karma is something that we can’t change, then what changes in our lives can we make? The most common answer is that nothing really changes because nothing will change our karma.

However, if we think differently, then maybe we can. If we change the way we think about karma then maybe we can at least have an effect on our karma. For example, if we believe that Karma is something that always “has happened”, then maybe we can at least try to prevent it from happening. There are many different things people believe about karma. Some people think that there is only one kind of karma – good or evil. And there is also another belief that we are destined to live a life of Karma, therefore we should always “do the right thing” and avoid doing the wrong thing.

On the other side of the argument is someone who believes that Karma is entirely different from this “one and only” kind of karma. For them, Karma is the result of one’s actions and choices. This person believes that everyone has the power to create their own destiny and this is why most people experience bad fortune in their lives.

So if Karma is a cause-and-effect relationship then where does this leave us? If we believe that Karma is either “good” or “evil”, how can we make any changes in our lives? For example if we are not born with free will, then does that mean that we cannot control our destiny and free will? In other words, if we do not choose to do bad things, then how can we choose to be good? Does not Karma affect all people differently?

People differ in how they think and what they base their opinions on. Some may say that Karma is nothing more than a series of unfortunate circumstances which have lead to certain people becoming what they are today. However some other people may look at Karma a little differently. They may claim that karma has always been around and is nothing but a string of unfortunate events which have led to certain people getting what they deserve. However what is clear is that Karma effects everyone differently, and this may not be a pleasant thought at all.

Karma affects us all in very different ways and for very different reasons. This is why it is impossible to tell what will happen in your life and why it will happen. Everyone has the same amount of karma which will effect them equally whether they are good or bad. We cannot say for sure exactly what will happen to us in future but there is a good chance that we all will at one time or another experience some form of unhappy life experience.

Karma is part and parcel of life and just like anything else in life, there will be good times and there will be bad times. Our karma is something which may come along and affect us in some way, shape or form throughout our lifetime and for many people this means that they may have experienced some form of tragedy or heartbreak. If this is the case then their life will be affected in a very big way and sometimes very negatively. Perhaps they may have to try and rectify their past mistakes or perhaps lose some things they have already owned.

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