Karmic Relationship Healing

A karmic relationship is a   romantic bond between 2 souls, and this relationship is designed to heal past life lessons and wounds. Karmic relationships are the type of relationship which almost all has had. One thing is common in all karmic relationship is they have ignited the heart in a relationship.

 Karmic relationships can be challenging and sometimes heartbreaking. But they can also lead to light and cause to heal your karmic wounds.

How do you know you have a karmic relationship?

Here are some symptoms of a karmic relationship

  • A strong heart attraction
  • Unexplained feelings
  • Intense passion 
  • Emotion waves
  • Possessiveness

These are some common signs of a karmic relationship, and typically karmic connection can bring some unhealed aspects so that they can heal. A karmic relationship is such a type of relationship that initiates soul growth from the start. If you are in a karmic connection with your soul, this helps you heal your karmic issues.

 Through this relationship, you can heal and grow when there is a little bit of clash and these moments always act as a catalyze to start a beginning.

You may only evolve together for just enough time to illuminate before both parties separate independently. In Both cases, karmic relationships act as a catalyst to heal and grow the soul, so they are always good.

Healing the invisible wounds

Karmic relationships may open emotional wounds, and these wounds need time and patience to heal. A karmic relationship heals when a person from the relationship gets outside and grows spiritually, or other people release outside energy affecting their field allow to develop both independently.

 It is the first healing step when a person steps away physically or emotionally from the karmic relationship.

 Here are three steps of healing or grow spiritually.

Take care of yourself alone

To heal the karmic relationship, you first need to separate from the partner and take care of yourself independently. This separation process can learn the lesson to improve and move on to the next tie more concisely. To heal the karmic relationship and its wound, whether it’s taking or not. Take care of your baseline physical needs, food, shelter, and clothing to reset your soul for a new beginning.

This is why when a new person tries to make a new romantic relationship or friends after a long period of unbalance, some of these relations are mirrors of old.

After the karmic connection, choosing a new relationship will reopen all pattern cycles linked with the previous patterns.

Refresh energetic bond

Your karmic relationship is rooted firmly in thousand years of soul history.  In a karmic relationship, there is an energetic bond that links you, in addition to a physical one. Moving away from your partner, ignoring the text, and closed your door for your partner fully works for your karmic relationship. To fully close the karmic relationship, you should need extra energy to release from your karmic past relationships or to heal your karmic relationship. Cut your cords and call back your inner energy to heal your karmic relationship. These all energies help solve all aspects of your relationship that are lost in a karmic relationship.

Fully let go

Many people find that intentionally letting go can help you to heal your karmic relationship. It allows any wound to close and helps to heal your wound. You are only bound to that person with only Karma. Once you learn the lesson to heal the wound, everything will be over.

Once everything is over, you may not experience that karmic relationship or person or love. Once you heal, it’s a start of a new relationship or beginning.


Many people meet their karmic partners of soulmates begin to morph into the relationship of their dreams. Healing the wounds of the karmic relationship is the final test of the karmic souls is to show the unhealed areas of the karmic relationship so can timely heal them. 

Once you heal all the wounds of your karmic relationship now, you are relaxed and get relief to carry from the karmic wounds. You get the experience you truly deserve if you use these lessons to improve all upcoming relationships in your life.

All the energy processes and other advice will help you heal from karmic wounds and help you to learn wisdom lessons.

A relationship can teach us many lessons about how to value ourselves in our relationship and how to value others in a karmic relationship—sometimes teaching a lesson to teach lessons of self-love and care.

Just take yourself learn your value. You are very special to yourself.

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