What is a twin flame relationship?

Have you ever met someone strange for the first time and immediately turned to them, as if you already knew that person? Did you right-click the bat and instantly establish a deep connection?

If the answer to your questions is yes, then you may face twin flames. These mysterious, cosmic, and much-desired relationships of souls are life-changing, soul-raising, and extremely difficult.


Your twin flame is your mirror. When you attain a certain level of consciousness in life, meeting your twin flame will motivate your development for a divine purpose. This means that two of your planets are orbiting the earth. The second “you” is your twin flame, and when you cross the path, you immediately feel like you are complete again.

But all this is not the sun and the rainbow, but the work of harsh reflection and shadow. As your mirror, your twin flame describes your weaknesses and areas of growth, as well as your greatest strength. Their presence ignited the magic of intense and rapid personal growth and change.

The meaning of the twin flames is fully understood after entering the gates of spiritual awakening and beginning the practice of self-inquiry. This is where relationships and personal (and spiritual) development collide. 

  • The strongest and biggest signs of the twin flame relationship 
  • Meeting this person at a stage of deep personal development
  • Numerous commonalities between spouses
  • The combined desire for spiritual growth and personal growth
  • Feeling we have ‘Run out of gas’ emotionally or emotionally
  • A strong psychological connection – the ability to read each other
  • Seeing your twin flames in dreams or while meditating.
  • The relationship is intense with the ups and downs.
  • You cannot escape your shadow or areas that require self-awareness.


Twin flame relationships are different from other relationships because they are unique. “Because a twin flame actually shares your soul in two physical forms, it is different from other connection because it is a kind of connection and journey that cannot be shared with anyone else on earth – you only have one twin in life. There is a flame only. “

Although soul mates can be great romantic partners, soul mate relationship does not grow to the heights of twin flames. The soul mate sings a song that is closer to you than any other song in the world. However, you are a twin flame. Therefore, your twin flame has the same soul song as you do.



This stage is spent emotionally and psychologically preparing for your twin flames. Often, it is important to develop a certain level of individual and healthy self-confidence before meeting your flame.


At this point, you will temporarily reflect or contact your twin flames. This experience can be through a dream, a picture, or a short touch of real life.

Fall in love

When you meet your twin flame for the first time, you will go crazy fast, deeply in love. You may try to resist the first experience (perhaps because of an already established relationship), but eventually, you will not be able to stay away from them.

Fairy tale relationship

Once you decide to enter into a relationship, you will enter a dream-like era that feels like heaven. Everything in your relationship will feel perfect.


Eventually, problems in your relationship are resolved, and a place of acceptance and openness is established.

Runner and chaser

As the tension increases, it is normal to leave the relationship temporarily (or, in some extreme cases, permanently) emotionally or physically. The less mature and psychologically integrated partner will play the role of runner, while the more emotionally balanced life partner will play the role of the chaser. This cat and mouse game can last from days to years.


The more the shadow is dealt with through the work of the shadow, the easier the unity becomes. At this stage, there is no contrast between the twin flames, and a pleasant return to paradise is experienced.


Twin flame relationships are rare. It is open-minded, self-aware, and always strives to make meaningful bonds. Relationships of every person can be healthy or unhealthy, regardless of how they are written in the stars. Although some twin flames point to a constitutionally dependent attitude, the intention is for both people to be free, independent, and self-sufficient – while choosing each other, not necessarily.

The source of the twin flame relationship is a mystery, as the great existence of life is unknown. Instead of clinging to the story behind the mirror spirit, it is important to identify the twin flames’ traces and discover how this relationship can be used for mutual development.

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